Steel Conveyor Mesh Belt

Spiral conveyor belt Features:
1. Because of the use of sprocket drive, it can operate reliably and stably.
2. The same mesh belt can go straight or turn left and right.
3. Spiral material [Hardy-1], so the wear resistance is strong.
4. Use automatic machine to weld to ensure the edge is equal and smooth.
5. Pickling the welding part and degreasing the mesh belt as a whole have become standard operating procedures.


Compound balanced belt feature:
1. Smooth surface, suitable for handling small objects and unstable parts.
2. Large allowable tension can be used to carry heavy objects.
3. Pressure resistance of mesh belt, suitable for stamping.
4. Mesh belt is suitable for high temperature operation.
5. It can be used for washing and cleaning of fiber products.


Main parameters:

Product Advantage
1.Material Selection:
The raw materials of the products are provided by domestic and foreign high-quality metal wire suppliers,all wires must pass a number of performance and quality tests before entering the warehouse.
We learn advanced production technology from Taiwan and Japan, adhere to independent research and development,combined with the needs of modern industry,it has a verity of special processes such as iso-shang sub-welding, net carrying oil treatment, flat knitting and so on.
It has the features of abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, not easy to deformation, high strength bearing and other excellent performance
Advanced testing equipment, strict production specifications, perfect quality management system, the product must go through strict product testing before leaving the factory.